mandag 15. august 2011

Videointervju med Yvette Solomon

Jeg har oppdaget at det på YouTube ligger et intervju med professor Yvette Solomon (som er professor 2 her hos oss på HiOA). Slike intervjuer burde det egentlig foreligge mer av - det er skrekkelig mange akademikere som på nettet kun finnes skriftlig...

I den første videosnutten svarer hun på spørsmålet "What is a social theory of learning?", i de neste svarer hun på:
What is the relationship between discourse analysis and social theories of learning?
What is the relationship between social theories of learning and teaching and learning?
How does an individual develop an identity with a subject?
To what extent does this identity determine a person's credibility within a Community of Practice?
How much can an individual establish a participatory relationship with a particular body of knowledge? - Is this down to an individual's choice or is it influenced by others in the community they belong to?
In what ways could this research inform teachers and lecturers engaged in the practice of teaching and learning?
What one idea or key theme would you like people to take away from this video interview?

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